South Kona, Big Island (Hawai’i)

Captain Cook, Hawaii




Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Kenai Kona Coffee farm is Located on the western slope of Mauna Loa approximately 900 ft above sea level overlooking the majestic Kealakekua Bay.

Our farm is a lush green natural landscape where coffee shares the terrain with mac nut, avocado, papaya, mango and cacao.

Painted Church, Hawaii
Painted Church

St. Benedict’s Church

The painted church in the south Kona district (Hōnaunau) is officially called the st. Benedict roman catholic church. It was built in 1842 in Kapalelua, and was moved to its present location around 1880.

St. Benedict Parish is located on the leeward slopes of the 13,680 feet volcano mountain called Mauna Loa {Long Mountain) in the District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii. Originally its population was all Hawaiian living in fourteen villages in South Kona.

The original chapel, located on the shore of Honaunau Bay Dear the City of Refuge in the National Historical Park, was known as St. Francis Regis Chapel.

By the mid-1880’s most of the Honaunau people had moved away from the beach area to more fertile soil about two miles up the slopes.

St. Benedict’s Church
84-5140 Painted Church Rd.
Captain Cook, HI 96704

City of Refuge, Big Island Hawaii
City of Refuge Hawaii

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park

The City of Refuge National Historical Park includes the puʻuhonua and a complex of archeological sites including: temple platforms, royal fishponds, sledding tracks, and some coastal village sites. The Hale o Keawe temple and several thatched structures have been reconstructed.

Contact the Park:
PO BOX 129, Honaunau, HI 96726

Phone: (808) 328-2326

Kealakekua Bay Hawaii
Kealakekua Bay Historic District Big Island Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay is about 12 miles south of Kailua-Kona. Settled over a thousand years ago, the surrounding area contains many archeological and historical sites such as religious temples (heiaus) and also includes the spot where the first documented European to reach the Hawaiian islands, Captain James Cook, was killed.

The bay is a marine life conservation district, a popular destination for kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.


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